With nearly a century of combined experience in working with and within organisations, the Business Ascents team has learned that success is determined by an organisation’s ability to master both the mechanics and the dynamics of their business. The mechanics encompass the technical aspects of organisations, which allow them to simply survive! These include financials, organisational structure, staffing, equipment and infrastructure, compliance, promotion, strategy etc.

To move from mere survival to success, requires an organisation to combine effective mechanics with the dynamics. The latter are often seen as the less tangible aspects, yet are imperative for success and sustainability. These include leadership, team effectiveness, attitude, ownership, passion, communication, the leveraging of diversity, innovation and a “bring it on” zest for the future.

Business Ascents is a way of thinking about an organisation, crafting its future and creating a practical pathway to achieving it. It is a way of thinking about and engaging the limitless dynamics of people and combining them with the sound mechanics of proven and cutting edge strategies and tools. It is truly about integrating the mechanics and dynamics of success to achieve great outcomes. Business Ascents programs are custom designed for each organisation and facilitate the process of ensuring:

  • Their vision is clear and common to all stakeholders (their "summit")
  • A sound strategy is developed to realise the vision ("route plan")
  • Leadership and teaming capacity are developed to high performance levels ("climbing fitness")
  • Strong belief in the worthiness of the vision and the ability of the team to deliver it ("belief in a successful ascent")
  • What we do is design and facilitate this process with skill, pride and passion.