How we design and facilitate our process with skill, pride and passion is through the use of cutting edge and proven tools and strategies.
In particular, we tap into the power of relevant and vibrant metaphors which engage and resonate with participants. This allows them to immediately apply the learning back in the workplace as well as retain and enjoy the learning.

Leadership at the edge®

Real and practical strategies for modern organisational leadership through the extraordinary saga of the Shackleton Antarctic expedition.

Base Camp

Successful ascents of Everest are the result of sound forethought and preparation at Base Camp. Likewise, a successful business ascent needs an effective Base Camp.

Teamwork at the Edge®

Powerful learning for the modern organisation through the story of the AFR Modnight Rambler team, overall winner of the challenging 1988 Sydney to Hobart Ocean Sailing Race.

Steps to Success
Our approach to working with you is simple, logical and proven. It takes the guesswork out and puts the truth in to your operation. Our steps are:

Step 01 - SCOPE
We develop a sound understanding of the organisation, the participants and the target outcomes. We will then respond with a recommendation/proposal.

Step 02 - DESIGN
Based on the agreed outcomes of the Scope, we will design a program which will deliver the agreed target outcomes.

Step 03 - DELIVERY
The program is presented to participants, through residentials, workshops or coaching/mentoring sessions as required in the Design.

We provide support for the implementation of the learning and change into the organisation, as outlined in the Design.

The program is evaluated based on the agreed KPI’s and/or target outcomes.

In a continuous improvement context.