The Business Ascents approach emerged from two exclusive training and development organisations; the Banjar Group (led by Mike Boyle) and Quest Group Australia (led by Ron Jungalwalla). Combined, the two companies have been in business for over 3 decades, each developing an impressive track record, client list and reputation. Business Ascents is the result of a convergence of passion and values, complemented by diverse expertise which the two companies have become well known for.

What People Say About Us
"The content itself was the most relevant team building presentation I have ever been involved with.I have already started to pass on the relevance of the content and your excellent presentation to professional contacts I have outside of our organisation."

"This is by far the best multi-day seminar/training I’ve attended in my working career when measured by input, interactivity, value of learning to be applied, life lessons and potential outcomes."

"Base Camp wasn’t rocket science but by following its principles it certainly taught us that to build a better rocket requires a common goal & vision, collaboration and constant & effective communication. Thanks for the experience."

"I have never attended such an intense course before. I very much enjoyed the opportunity and have taken on the challenge of adding to the future success of JCB-CEA becoming the best JCB dealer in the world."